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Bridge info

General bridge info

   Our ornamental landscape bridges are perfect for spanning a water garden, koi pond, stream, dry bed or your imagination. 

     Our garden bridges are constructed from the highest grade treated pine that is certified environmentally safe for use over fish ponds. The bridges are assembled with galvanized fasteners to assure low maintenance. Garden bridges are available in an extra wide version.We conveniently ship our wooden garden bridges in a hard shell container ready for easy, simple assembly and installation. For added ease of installation, our garden bridges are totally free spanning and require no foundation or footings. Just bolt the garden bridge together.

       All of our bridges are computer designed and mechanically jig cut to assure perfectly symmetrical curves. The holes are all pre-drilled, aligned and counter bored for a superb fit with no bolt protrusions. All the hardware is galvanized to prevent corrosion and countersunk or finished flush where exposed. Garden bridge components are cut from solid wood, we use no composites, laminates, or built-up sections. Handrails and braces are rounded over to provide a decorative, smooth edge at the handrails and posts. Uniquely carved posts topped with layered finials add a decorative touch to our spectacular garden bridges.

     We manufacture two unique styles of garden bridges. Our standard garden bridges are beautiful and practical for everyday passage. Our elegant hi-rise garden bridges will be the focal point in any setting. All of our bridges are a available  as simple walkway bridges or in one of our three unique rail configurations. Our Low Rail Bridges feature a single low rail running the length of the bridge. Our High Rail Bridges feature a single rail running the length of the bridge 20 inches from the walkway with a arched brace supporting the taller rail and post. Our Double Rail Bridges feature two rail running the length of the bridge and the arched brace supports to support the rails and post. The top rail on the double rail is 35 inches off the walking surface and provides an excellent hand rail for crossing the bridge.


Standard bridges

High rise bridges

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Standard walkway garden bridges
high rise walkway garden bridges

                                                                         Low Rails                                                                             

Standard low rail garden bridge
High rise low rail garden bridge

                                                                         High Rails                                                                          

Standard high rail garden bridge
High rise high rail garden bridge

                                                                         Double Rails                                                                    

Standard double rail landscape bridge
High rise Double rail garden bridge